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Tuesday, June 07 2016
How to make a tote bag step by step

How to make a Tote Bag step by step

Follow our easy tutorial and learn how to make a tote bag step by step

Bless the Tote bag in which you can carry everything.  A tote bag is a medium or large carry-all square bag with an open top entry and to handles. The tote is the only bag you can offer to someone who doesn’t need a bag, since you can always appeal to their sense of “ but there is so much to carry”

Easy project

You will need:

60 cm (5/8 yard) medium weight canvas.

Note: Instead of canvas, you could also use home décor fabric, denim, corduroy, or heavyweight cotton.

50cm (1/2 yard) lining

0.35 cm interfacing


Make a tote bag step by step

Make a tote bag step by tsep


1- Enlarge pattern by 200 percent.

2- Cut out fabric pieces as indicated on the pattern. Transfer placement lines to fabric

3- Cut out lining pieces

4- Cut out interfacing pieces.

Make a tote bag step step by step


Note: All seams are 6mm (174 inch) unless other wise indicated.


1- Turn under 13mm (1/2 inch) along the bottom long edge of the band piece, and press. Pin in place along the top of the tote body matching the top edge of the band to the top edge of the tote. Stich close to the Folded edge (FIGURE 1) Repeat for the other band and body pieces.

2- Turn under 13mm (1/2inch) along each long edge of the handle pieces, and press. Pin two handle pieces and press. Pin two handle pieces wrong side together and  machine baste close to each long edge. Repeat for two remaining handle pieces.

3- Pin one handle to the right side of one body piece at placement lines, raw edges of handle even with the bottom bag.

4-Topstich in place close to each edge of the handles. Topstitch across the handle, matching the stitching line of the band. (FIGURE 2)

Make a tote bag step by step


5- Pin the tote bag body pieces, with right sides together and raw edges even, along the two side edges. Stich and press the seam open.

6- Pin the tote bag bottom to the bottom edge of the tote, with right sides together and raw edges even, matching the dots and seams. Stitch and press seam toward the tote bottom. (FIGURE 3)


7- Place zipper tape along the edges of one of the facing pieces with right sides together. The top of the zipper should be 6mm (¼ inch) from one short end of the band, and the end of the zipper will extend beyond the band by several inches. The edge of the zipper tape should be even with the raw edge of the band. (FIGURE 4)

8- Place the zipper lining band over the zipper (so the zipper is sandwiched between the fabric and lining). Align the edges, pin then stich through all three layers, about 3mm (1/8 inch) form the zipper teeth. Finger press the lining away from the zipper

9- Repeat with the remaining edge of the zipper.

10- Edge stich form the right side of the lining fabric through all layers. (FIGURE 5)

11- Turn under 6mm (1/4 inch) along all edges of the zipper tab, and press. Fold in half over the end of the zipper with wrong sides together, matching the short ends. Stich around all edges. (FIGURE 6)


12- Pin the lining pieces with rights sides together and raw even. Stitch along the side edges of the lining and the facing , leaving an opening in one side edge for turning. Make sure not to catch the loosed end of the zipper in the side seam.

13- Sew the bottom of the lining in place in the same manner as the bottom of the tote bag ( step 6 above)


14- Place the tote and the lining with right sides together, one inside the other. Pin then stitch around the top edge

15- Turn the tote right side out through the side opening in the lining. Turn under the raw edges of the opening, and stich closed by hand or machine.

16- Press the top edge of the tote.Top stich close to the top edge.

You now know how to make a tote bag!

Please leave a comment if this step by step by tutorial was helpful. Please upload your tote bag photos!!

Make a tote bag step by step

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