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Thursday, August 11 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Handbag Hook Today

The handbag hook has been trending over the years for many reasons. Ladies have used it as far back as the 1920's flapper era. Its ability to temporarily fix a handbag on any type of platform, whether it's a chair or table, makes sure dirty surfaces and germs don't come in contact with your precious handbag and its contents.  But that's not the whole story. Here’re top reasons why you need to use a handbag hook today:

Personal security

The UK Government police reported a total of 1.76 million cases of theft between June 2014 and June 2015 in England and Wales.  Most crimes are against women particularly those in areas with lots of human traffic. This is where handbags get snatched or their content stolen. Hanging bags over a seat particularly in fast food joints allows an evil individual behind to unobtrusively snatch it away or put a hand inside and steal a wallet or phone.   A handbag hook ensures the bag is always close by, suspended on a table inches from you.

Is you bag safe?

Crumple and crease your clothes no more

To keep their handbags close at hand and safe, most women keep them on their lap causing their clothes to crumple up and crease. The result is an outfit that's so crumpled up it looks unsightly and unprofessional. A handbag hook gives you the freedom to look as beautiful, tidy and fashionable as you left your house.

Theft deterrence

Between June 2014 and June 2015, stealth thefts that include snatch thefts particularly handbags were 206,000 in England and Wales. As snatch thefts keep rising you need a way to deter thefts from taking your expensive handbag. By keeping the bag very close within your vision range very few thieves or any would dare try to snatch it away than if you had it on the floor or strapped over your seat.

Avoid dirty and germy floors

A hook for your handbag allows you to hang it on your desk rather than place it on the office floor where all kinds of shoes bring germs and parasites that’ll find their way onto your handbag one way or the other. In 2006 microbiologists actually found lots of germs on women handbags, particularly the bottom. 

Use a handbag hook in a café


So many women think because even Queen Elizabeth II, the darling of England, the Commonwealth and world at large uses a handbag hook it's probably very expensive! This is not so. Even though there are silver and gold hooks, you can find inexpensive choices that go with any outfit or bag.

Affordable bag hangers


The hook is very lightweight and small and can be carried around inside your pocket or handbag. Just think about a lightweight, practical and gorgeous hook capable of holding an average of 10-12 pounds (5-6 kilograms) at any given time whenever you want it.

Match with your handbag

Handbag hooks come in different colours and metals to match all types of handbags. Some even have embedded stones that give them the classiest look you probably have never seen. They’re the perfect match with virtually all your great outfits, especially because you can order them on wholesale and buy as many as you want affordably to make a fashion statement all the time.

You can order online in minutes

If you thought you need to drive long distances to buy yourself a handbag hanger you don't have to. Simply visit My Bag Hanger, choose the hooks you want, complete the checkout process and have it delivered wherever you want. Purchase in your home, car or office and they'll be delivered fast.

Perfect gift to a lovely lady

Apart from the fact that they come in all manner of sizes and shapes with silver, gold or precious stones studded, handbag hooks are the perfect choice to give your girlfriend, mother, friend or acquaintance as a gift for Christmas, birthday or anniversary. You can checkout online and have the hooks delivered to the person directly.

Diverse choices to go with

There are all manner of handbag hooks to help you keep your bag by your side, safe and tidy. It can be a customised bag hanger, foldable, among other choices. Choose the best that meets your needs, sense of fashion and style.

Apart from deterring theft and making a fashion statement the hook ensures your bag no longer shares the same space with vermin and germs on the floor beside a toilet, kitchen tables and counters, restaurant chairs and tables, dirty office floors among other places. 

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