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Wednesday, September 24 2014

NO need to spend 100's of pounds to be fashionable, here is our Top 10 Handbags for fall-winter 2014 under £50

Which one will you pick?

1- The Croc Mini Handbag From Zara £39.99

3- Black Quilted Handbag by Mango £44.99

4- Mustard Perforated Mini Messenger Bag by  Zara £29.99 

5- Python Buckle Bag by Mango £34.99

6- Green Mini Messenger Bag by Zara £29.99


7- Burgundy Tote Bag £29.99 H&M

8- Little Black Bag by Primark £5!

9- Shopper bag by Zara £49.99 

10- Grey  satchell bag from Primark £10

Compliment any of these handbag with a handbag hook !

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Monday, September 22 2014
The Newest Handbag Hooks from My Bag Hanger are Now Available at Fenwick New Bond Street, London

My Handbag Hanger is pleased to announce that their handbag hook collection is now available on New Bond Street at Fenwick, London. Finally, ladies in London will not find a hard time to buy the best handbag hooks they want to use every day.

Fenwick New Bond Street is a luxury department store and it is one of the oldest and the most popular department stores located in UK.

My Bag Hanger is a UK-based company that is highly dedicated to offer a large range of luxurious handbag hook and hangers. They have foldable handbag hooks, and customized bag hangers in different shades and styles. Their handbag hooks are very convenient accessories that can be attached to any table, keeping the handbags in sight and at the side of their owners. These products are very easy to use; women just need to place their handbag on the hanger and put the disk on the table’s edge. The handbag will be safely secured and hooked. My Bag Hanger produces a wide variety of handbag hooks in various designs and styles, making it easier for ladies to find the right choices for them depending on their tastes and preferences. The company takes pride to show their Lux Collection, a collection of handbag hooks made and styled with the finest rhinestones, making these accessories more stylish and elegant.  Moreover, My Bag Hanger is also accepting made to order handbag hooks, giving women the best chance to get handbag hooks suitable to their needs and specifications. 

Today, the handbag hook collection of My Bag Hanger can be seen in New Bond Street at Fenwick. Everyone is invited to see these items . My Bag Hanger offers a lot of choices to choose from, perfect for all women who consider the importance of having a handbag hook for their precious bags.

My Bag Hanger is a manufacturer and supplier of luxury handbag hooks. They manufacture customised handbag hanger, luxurious handbag hooks and foldable handbag hooks. They also accept made to order handbag hooks at a very affordable cost. My Bag Hanger is located at 207 Regent Street, London.

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Sunday, September 21 2014

1- A handbag hook keeps your handbag off dirty floors when your are out at a bar or restaurant.

When out in a public place, at the restaurant, in a bar, where do you put your precious handbag? On the sticking floor?

2- In the office hook your handbag hook to your desk instead of having it on the floor.

Now this is one of the best place to use the handbag hook. In the office. Hook it on the edge of your desk and you wont ever be rolling on your handbag with your office chair

Handbag hook in the office

3-A handbag hook keeps your handbag safe , hard for thieves to reach

The Home Office estimate the Criminal Justice costs for thefts in the U.K. 2003-4 to be £2bn . The precise value of property stolen from bags and purses is more difficult to calculate. The Metropolitan Police of London recommande  the use of Handbag hooks

4-A handbag hook is a funcky accessory to personalised your handbag

Today's fashion is all about personalising your accessories. With ta handbag hook you can accessories your handbag your own way

Handbag Hook in the train

5- Queen Elisabeth II used a handbag hook

So even the queen uses a  handbag hook. She used a butcher hook to hang her handbag to tables. She also uses her handbag to communicate with her staff.
If she wishes to retire from the evening she will move her handbag to her right. The queen used her handbag to send codes to her security.

Queen uses a  handbag hook

6-Once you start using  foldable handbag hooks you won't stop using them

The handbag hook is this type of accessory you will get hooked on straight away. Not only it is fashionable but this is a usefull accessory. Once you start hooking your handbag  you will start realising how unhygienic putting it on the floor is and you won't go back.

handbag hook at Pret Westfield Shopping Centre

7-Handbags are germs magnets

Studies show that the average handbag is tree time dirtier than the office toilet seat. NO COMMENTS.....

8- A handbag hook is a must have when goingt to the hairdress

At the hairdresser where do you put your handbag? Usuelly the haidressers take it away from you. So it is not on the floor  grabing all types of hair on the floor.


9-Most French women use a Handbag hook

Handbag hooks are very fashionable in Paris. French Designer such as christian Dior, Sonia Rikiel are making there own handbag hooks

10- It's a must have fashion Accessory

You can now find handbag hooks in many shapes and forms for sale in top fashion stores in London, Paris and NYC from Fenwick New bond Street London, Les Galleries Lafayettes and Macy's.

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Sunday, September 21 2014
The famous handbag hooks are now available  at Fenwick

Find My Bag Hanger on New Bond Street! The famous handbag hooks are now available  at Fenwick.

The innovative handbag hook has now reached Fenwick on New Bond Street, one of the most fashionable luxury department stores in London.

Now, you can purchase your Chanel, Dior and all types of fashion accessories and get the innovative and beautiful handbag hook to help keep your valuable handbag with you at all times. Handbags are  quite the fashion accessory. However, they are also very prone to being stolen as well. The main issue with handbags is that we often put them down on the floor or on a desk or table where they can be easily lifted by thieves who only need a momentary distraction to pull your eyes away from your handbag.
However, thanks to the handbag hook from My Bag Hanger, you can now secure your valuable handbag so that it never leaves your sight. Plus, you don’t have to worry about placing your handbag on a dirty floor again. The handbag hook will support all types of handbags and help keep them safe. 

Fenwick Handbag Hooks
What is a Handbag Hook? 

Basically, the handbag hook is a convenient hook that attaches to any table so that you can keep your handbag in sight as well as by your side at all times. This means that no matter where you are you will know that your handbag is with you. All you need to do is hook your handbag on one end and then place the disc on the edge of the table or desk for easy access. 

You can use the handbag hook in a number of different places so that you can always be aware of where your bag is located. The hook itself is lightweight, easy to use and can also keep your handbag off the floor as well. This means that when you go out to, you will not have to worry about your handbag being stolen because it will always be in front of you.

The Different Types of Handbag Hooks

Currently, there are four different types that are available in different prices ranges that are designed to fit your budget while looking quite fashionable when in use. 

-    Fashion Collection
-    Foldable Handbag Hook
-    Rhinestone Handbag Hook
-    Customised Design

You can even customise handbag hooks that feature your company logo or custom design. They make the perfect promotional gifts for businesses as they are inexpensive and very practical. Use them and loyalty rewards for your company as well. Just contact the main company through this website and get a quote. 
However, for those of you who want to own a handbag hook, all you need to do is step into the New Bond Street location of Fenwick and get one for yourself. You can also order one through the website as well. The handbag hook is a practical, fashionable way to keep your valuable handbag safe and away from dirty floors and thieves as well. 

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