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Wednesday, November 19 2014

Companies such as L' Oreal, gives out free handbag hooks as a promotional gift.  With hundreds of brands, Oreal is one of the most recognised cosmetic company is the world. 

Handbag Hook Promotional Gift

A handbag hook is a perfect accessory for any trendy women to keep her handbag handy and off the floor. The handbag hook keeps the handbag clean and secured.

The handbag hook allows for the handbag to be safe and secured. It s a fashion statement as well as a useful accessory. The elegant, clean design is a though after promotional gift.

So, why is offering a handbag hook as a promotional gift helpful to your brand?

Customers that receive promotional gift tend to be more loyal and more responsive  to the brands. Studies show that handbag are the most important accessory to a women, in deed women carry their life in their handbags. Show her that you care  and she will be loyal to your brand.

 Offering a handbag hooks shows that your company is customer focused, and want the safety of the belongings of its customers.

Being creative and different when choosing a promotional gift will make the difference. The handbag hook will help create a brand recalls in your customers mind  giving the message that your company is reliable as the handbag hook could be a gift used everyday to secure a handbag. Associating your brand with protecting the belonging of your customers will give the perception that your company is reliable.

Offering promotional gift is one of the most preferred  ways of marketing. None says no to a free gift, especially when the free promotional gift is useful and trendy. If you are looking for a promotional gift for women that will deliver a strong message, the handbag hook could be the solution for your brand. Companies such as Porsche, Barclays Bank, Jaguar, Claridges, Fanta have trusted My Bag Hanger 's handbag hooks to advertise their brands.

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Thursday, November 13 2014

Handbag hook Moustache Movember

Helping others, especially those who are most in need, can be one of the most fulfilling acts that a person can ever do in his lifetime. They say that sharing and giving is better than receiving and this is exactly My Bag Hanger would want to convey to their customers.

My Bag Hanger will donate £5 to Movember for each moustache handbag hook Sold

The needs of the people never cease. It is one of the constant things that you can find on earth. But among the needs that a man wishes for himself is the need for security. Security not only pertains to physical safety or financial security, but it also refers to the security in knowledge that he will get to enjoy his life for a longer time. Indeed, one of the things that truly cause fear among people is death. Death, as it happens, usually results from sickness.

In fact, among the most fatal diseases today that have no powerful medicine discovered yet is none other than cancer. All people, regardless of culture, gender, beliefs or any other aspects in life, are prone to this much dreaded disease. No one can ever tell if he is forever safe from this murderous illness. And even as the stronger sex considered in society, men are also prone to cancer. But men also have big responsibilities to fulfill, obligations to do and a wide world to conquer just like any other woman. This is why Movember is trying to develop the awareness of men’s health through their annual celebration of a charity event where men are encouraged to grow their moustache. This is usually held during the month of November hence, the institution name was derived.

Movember raises funds which are used to help men who have cancer issues. In connection with this, My Bag Hanger wants to help out by donating £5 to Movember for each moustache handbag hook that will be sold. My Bag Hanger is a business that sells bag hangers and hooks. Their handbag hooks are customizable in design, featuring interesting styles while offering convenience.

One of their latest custom designs is the moustache design on a plain white background to actually emphasize the moustache. For a price that is well within your budget, you could actually afford one and you don’t only get convenience but once purchasing a moustache designed handbag hook, you also get the chance to help out men who are experiencing a battle against cancer.

Handbag Hook Moustache by My Handbag Hanger comes with a package of a velvet pouch. It can hold as much as 10lbs. and the moustache design is laser printed on epoxy label. The material used is an alloy of strong and shinny zinc.

This handbag hook is a handy tool where you can hang your bag. It’s easy to manage. By placing the disk on the table or chair, or any available space for the small disk, and untangling the hook, you are ready to hang your bag. Without worrying anymore as to where you should put your bag, My Handbag Hanger now offers you the best hook products while giving you the chance to lend a helping hand to the cancer patients supported by Movember.

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Wednesday, November 12 2014

Looking for an affordable Christmas gift idea for women under £10?

Every year it is the same dilemma. Finding a Christmas gift idea for women under £10 that doesn't look like a cheap £10 gift. There are a million ideas on the web. Use design sites or browse through your local discount stores. If you are crafty, you might want to make something for under £10. Maybe a nice knitted scarf or  maybe if you want to be cute  some home made macaroons. Use your imagination. Most ladies love chocolates, and a box full would be awesome but a bit impersonal. If you are not in the mood for funny gifts go for useful gifts: what about a manicure set or maybe a Boots voucher?

One of the most practical gifts under £10 is a handbag hook. Use it to keep your handbag in sight and by your side. Hook your handbag to the hanger, place the disk on the edge of the table and your handbag is now safe and secure.

My Bag Hanger offers are four styles of handbag hooks. Starting at £9.99 the foldable handbag hooks. If you want something a little more chic, rhinestones handbag hooks start at £12.99 and are the perfect stocking filler or Christmas gift.

There is also the fashion collection of simple handbag hooks that begin at £6.99. At this price, you should purchase several for the ladies on the office. There are perfect Christmas gifts for women under £10.

Christmas gift idea under for women £10

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Thursday, November 06 2014

In a festive advertisement called "From London with Love," David and Victoria Beckham's son Romeo shines. 

Romeo Beckham Burberry

Available in styles for men, women and of course, the young ones, it’s also one of Burberry’s grandest productions to date, with 50 dancers setting the pace for a song and dance routine set against the golden age of  cinematic musicals. 

The Burberry festive film is inspired by the golden age of cinematic musicals. It tells the tale of a young couple falling in love, against a theatrical backdrop of London.
With Posh Spice and one of the world's most famous footballers as parents, it's no surprise that the Beckham children aren't your average kids. Brooklyn, 15, is currently dating movie star Chloë Grace Moretz. Cruz, 9, plays for Arsenal's junior team. And Harper, 3, has already been spotted front-row at New York Fashion Week.

But it's Romeo, age 12, who's just claimed the title of buzziest Beckham thanks to his starring role in "From London with Love," a short film for Burberry's holiday campaign.

So is the next Beckham to become a household name Romeo?

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Sunday, November 02 2014

Ladies, Movember has just started, how will you get involved this year? Obviosuly not by growing a moustache!

This year My Bag Hanger is a MO sista and we are getting involved by donating £5 for each moustache handbag hooks sold during November.

handbag hook moustache for Movember

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