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Sunday, February 27 2011
How to choose a handbag hook?
Which one is the best? The foldable handbag hook or the classic long hook?
When carried in your handbag the foldable handbag hooks are very practical when folded. They don't get tangled to your keychaine or ipod headphones.But on the other hand each long handbag hanger comes with a velvet pouch too.
The most important thing when choosing your handbag hook is the design on the circle part.
It's nice to find one or two to match your handbag. My Bag Hanger follow the latest trend and designs a new collections every seasons so you always have a handbag hook to choose from that match the season trend.
Regarding the weight a handbag hook can hold, both the long hook and the folding hook can hold up to 10 pounds. I can hook my bag even whith my laptop inside!


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Thursday, February 24 2011
Like most of us ladies, I’m always torn between putting my handbag on the restaurant banquette (takes up too much room) and the floor (not too clean, and often unsafe). With the  handbag hook this problem is history. My Bag hanger offers a wide range of different types of handbag hooks.
From The foldable handbag hooks with funcky design to the Lux Collection with beautiful rhinestones. I m sure you will find one or two handbag hooks on this website to hang your precious handbag.
And you will see once you start using the hooks..You will be hooked! You won't be able to live without them!
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